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A racist slur for white people. It comes from the fact that bleach is both white and toxic
You can't say nigger you bleacher. That's our word!
by zanovar2 October 23, 2009
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Blue jeans, unevenly bleached with houshold bleach, worn by skinheads.
There is a hole in my bleachers, I think I used to much.
by tripleskin August 09, 2005
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The type of teacher who blindly doesn't see of what they did or what was given out, such example is not remembering the homework they gave out, or, a specific person they wanted to talk, or speak to. Making it seem like they had bleached their memory of something.
Dan: I'm so nervous right now, you cannot believe!
Ulrich: Why is that?
Dan: Mr. Barbesquous wanted to speak to me about my loss of homework over the week!
Ulrich: I wouldn't worry. Mr. B is such an effing bleacher. He forgot about the homework that was given out last Friday!
Dan: Good, now, lets go to the movies, I wanna see Deadpool!
by TheHiddenPerson July 23, 2016
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n. pl. BLEACHers
Commonly used in reference to BLEACH fans who typically joins a channel that scanalates manga and / or fansubs anime to ask stupid questions.
1. <BHEACHer00> Is BLEACH episode 500 out yet?
2. <BHEACHer01> /msg Ishida xdcc send #1
by Alfarin March 14, 2005
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