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Term used to describe a gang of cap wearing Burberry bastards who think they're hard. We've all seen them before so enough said.
Blazing squad "Oi, gis ur fone..."
Definition user "Erm, FUCK OFF"

(The sound of breaking bones then follows)
by Si Todd March 07, 2004
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The absolute worst boy band in history. Imagine a majorly watered down garage group (e.g. So Solid Crew) made up of mainly white wannabe teenage 'gangstas'. If garage wasn't bad enough already, we have to listen to this shit. Thankfully though, I think they 'went thier seperate ways'.
Chavette: Oh, My GOD!!! Like, the Blazin' Squad is comin' to town, innit! I is like SO excited!

Normal Person: Fuck off and get a job, you slag.

Blazing Squad = Shit
by Antony August 09, 2006
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bascially means extremely drunk, referencing extremely cool british boy band
"Jus had a bottle of Jagermeister, im blazing squads!"
by frenchy January 28, 2005
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