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The mother of all vodkas.
Hint: Do not give to any person under the age of 16.
It may cause them to sing loudly and jump about your living-room and walk squintly out your door and deny being drunk.
Omg do you have Blavod?
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Although it is a popular Black Vodka alcoholic drink, the term 'BlaVod' is used when someone goes crazy after drinking some BlaVod
OH MY GOD! Greg's just finished off the BlaVod and has picked up Bruces Air Pistol and pistol whipped him round the back of the head with it! And then picked up his little amp and is beating him down with it for no reason what so ever!! (True Story)

Greg has gone BlaVod
by Joeby Joneseh September 04, 2008
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BlaVod: imported vodka from England to San Francisco. That should let you know if sucks. From bad teeth to AIDS and "open minds", this vodka is guaranteed to give you a hangover if you have any solid amount. Care for a screwdriver? Not with this, this will turn your OJ green and make it incredibly unappealing to others. Unless the point is to sneak it somewhere like in a cola bottle, vitamin water xxx, or any other dark drink, this stuff is low quality but it will get you a 1.75L for cheap.
"My puke was black after taking some shots of that shitty vodka"

"I had the worst hangover from that BlaVod."
by HighSchoolAkahowlic November 03, 2009
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