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n. and adj.

plural: blan-dos

Derogatory term (except sometimes when used defensively by blandos themselves) applied to a performance music member, staffperson or other profiteer more interested in hype, marketing and supporting a political network than in music and genuine performance genres.

Original form was "bando", in order to distinguish those of mediocre intentions from genuine band and performance members and supporters. Similarities to the word "bland" are intentional, reflecting this impression of mediocrity, i.e., less than what could be as evidenced by hype and politics. Most usually related and applied to highly competitive marching band circuits and Drum Corps International (DCI).
"The best marching bands at the show didn't win, because the blandos were judging and put the blando school first." (both noun and adjective forms)
by Songspirit April 18, 2006
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