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Overalpping days upon which all the women a male is dating happen to be engaged in menstrual cycles, resulting in no available choices for sexual activity.
Man, I was hoping to have a date tonight, but all I got is blackout dates from all my girls.
by pwrmacjedi July 13, 2010
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Commonly misued by airlines and credit card companys, a blackout date is the action of taking a girl out on some sort of date which has the sole purpose of getting her blacked out so she will engage in activites she normally wouldn't agree to. This can be done the traditional way with dinner at a nice restaurant involving many glasses of wine, followed by drinks at a bar until the desired amount of word slurrage and stumbling occurs. Other non-traditional methods include inviting a girl on a date, having her meet you at your house and then feeding her "pre-dinner" shots and drinks until she's agreeing with your notion to "stay in".
Guy 1: "I can't believe Amy agreed to go out with you, where're you taking her?"
Guy 2: "Probably to Vallarta's to get some 60oz margaritas and some chips, if she's lucky"
Guy 1: "So it's a blackout date then?"
Guy 2: "You know it, I'll have the end of the night video ready by tomorrow afternoon"
Guy 1: "Great Success!"
by SirChris November 20, 2006
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