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A Black person who tends to obsess about their own skin colour, and tends to call every "non-white" skin toned person black, most commonly mixed raced people, while not understanding the word itself due to generalization and stereotyping(EX Barack Obama). Blackists try hard to compare themselves to anybody who doesn't look white. They tend to play the race card frequently when not able to get their way, and have an "us and them" racial mentality when not satisfied by the results.

Their cultist attitude of "us black brothers got to stick together" poisons society by manipulating minds into thinking they are "black people" but they really aren't, and cause a racial divide in the community (see George Zimmerman Case, or One Drop Rule).

Blackists talk about slavery more often than not, and still use it as a weapon for others who can be tricked into wielding it.

They also still believe in the racist, yet ignorant "One Drop Rule".
Here's one of many Examples...

Ex. @ a McDonalds restaurant

Black Guy: Hi, there. Are you accepting resumes to work here my friend?

McDonalds Cashier: I'm sorry, but we're not accepting resumes right now. Sorry about that.

*The Black guy has a "Nigga Moment"....

Black Guy: What you mean you ain't accepting resumes here! It's cuz I'm black, ain't it??? Ya'll think because you enslaved my ancestors you can tell me that I ain't fit for a job at McDonalds?? This is discrimmination, brotha!

McDonalds Cashier (who is now confused): I beg your pardon, sir?

Black Guy: That's why I tell my black brothas that ya'll white folks tryna make us black people fall in the dust. Imma go call Al Sharpton on yo ass, then we'll see who's gonna be the slave of who!

McDonalds Cashier: All I said was that we aren't hiring anym-

Black Guy: Quit lyin', man!! I know ya'll crackas trying to kill us blacks with hard labour!! You jus wait, man! When I get Al Sharpton You whites are gonna wish you never started S**T WID US!!

*Black Guy pulls out his cell phone and starts dialing The Al Sharpton Hotline...

Cashier: Piss off, you ignorant blackist!!

*The Cashier then proceeds to throw another customer's McFlurry and Big Mac at the Black Guy, hitting him in the head and afterwards causing the cashier to chase the man out of the store with a broom in hand.
by Rewriting History August 15, 2013
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