A black mans voice that is in the deepest of vocal ranges.
Guy 1: Did you hear Kendall's neighbors voice?
Guy 2: Yes, that man has a ballistic case of black voice.
by Cray C March 22, 2008
a dark and mysterious voice from a unknown origin and/or a black man from a low income house hold that often listens to rap and/or hip hop music
by hoodieninja94 May 25, 2014
Commentary similar to a black man in a movie theater. Used in conjunction with something shocking.
Soap Opera Actress: I married my teacher....and I'm having his baby.....

by wolfpacleader1986 April 15, 2011
A strand of bubbles projected from the mouth, used by Benrey (Or Benry) in the Half Life But The AI Is Self Aware series created by the wayneradiotv YouTube channel.
Gordon: "What- what are you doing to him?"
Benrey: "It's the- theee- Black Mesa Sweet Voice."
by LSPD_ACC_1A12 November 17, 2020