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A young very talented Florida-based metal band. Consisting of 16 year old frontman/guitarist,
Gabriel Garcia, 20 year old bassist Zakk Sandler, drummer Steven Spence and new
guitarist Austin Diaz, who recently replaced Alex Nuñez. They've performed tours
and festivals such as Ozzfest, Mayhem Fest and Download. They've opened for
bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate and All
that Remains. They are incredible musicians with more talent than half the bands
on the charts.
IF only we had more Bands Like Black Tide, maybe we'd be able to resurrect the age of metal and bring good music back to the masses.

Check out their Album, Light From Above, probably avalibale where ever CDs are sold. Great songs off this CD include Shockwave, Enterprise and Warriors of Time.
by Var effing Sinler December 29, 2008
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A metal band that at 1st showed great promise , sounding like a mixture of classic metal such as Metallica/Iron Maiden. But by their 2nd album they lost their minds.

Since losing their minds , their original guitarist left the band and was replaced by a guy with a fro. The singer went psychotic and got 5 inch ear gauges. Their music since losing their minds now resembles something more like a mixture of Nickelback/All That Remains.
Guy 1 : Have you heard the new Black Tide?

Guy 2 : Yeah , that shit fucking sucks... and I told em so on facebook and those douchebags actually had the nerve to block me for saying it.

Guy 1 : Jeez really?

Guy 2 : Yeah

Guy 1 : Man fuck Black Tide , their assholes AND their music sucks and they've gone insane now

Guy 2 : Yeah
by BlacktideFingsucks4893 August 06, 2011
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the best rock band today. will hopefully push out all the crappy emo music like My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday out of the business, and open a new era of good metal guitars and solos longer than 3 seconds.
Person: OMG Black Tide is a gift from God!
Person 2: Yeah now I don't have to keep telling people My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday suck!
by feed_your_metal_gland March 22, 2008
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A very good rock band that is quickly crawling to the top. One of their best songs is called "Shockwave".
You should listen to Black Tide on iTunes.
by spasticpancreas April 04, 2008
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