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An ignorant person who not only breaks into your house , but eats all of your fried chicken, drinks all of your grape kool-aid and steals all your Christmas presents under the tree.
Kevin: Yo Christian, what'd you get for Christmas?

Christian: I didn't get nothing man. That nigguh, Black Santa broke into my house and stole all my presents. (burst into tears)

Kevin: It's alright, we'll probably see him on the ten o'clock news tonight.
by K-NiggRealOG December 19, 2009
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A fatass black man from the ghetto who delivers presents to all da good lil' chillun in the hood. He drives a red Cadillac EXT with a big sack in the back and breaks into the white neighborhoods at night to steal their shit and bring it to all his niggas and bitches. Instead of coming down the chimney, Black Santa breaks down your door and his elves help him lift your couch into his truck. If you see Black Santa, don't say shit 'cause he carries a .45.
Boy: What happened to my Playstation?
Dad: Yep, Black santa was here.
by GetIISteppin September 23, 2012
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When you give someone a gift in order to sleep with them. Then after you've had sex with them and they are rob them.
I was trying to sleep with this chick, and she was being shady. So I gave her a "black santa" and I got what I wanted, and some spending money.
by Steve Williams December 07, 2003
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