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a black woman who has kids. that are under control and know how to behave. she'd be damned if her kids are acting a fool in public. she is very strong. and always holds her family on her back. she does what she has to do to provide. and can have a man, but doesnt need one. she's hip and young. knows the latest hot stuff. you can tell em anything. but that doesnt mean you won't get your "butt" wooped afterr. (: black moms... theyre the best.
Black Mom: yess baby, what you need to talk about?
Kidd: i lost my 500 cell phone.
Black Mom: WHat the hell! *woops kidd's "butt". apologizes. then buys kidd a new one*

Kidd: i will never nd still havent lost a cell phone since.
by You'll Never Know (: March 17, 2010
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