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A military term used to describe a secret place where an unacknowledged black project is being conducted. These facilities, their existence acknowledged by President George W. Bush in the Fall of 2006, are generally controlled by the C.I.A and used by the U.S government to test top secret weapons military or otherwise. They're also used to detain high ranking or unlawful enemy combatants in times of war.
Guantanamo Bay was one of the original black sites created by the U.S government. It's still being used for military purposes and still holds enemy soldiers who were captured. These places require high security clearance to access.
by The Literate One November 01, 2017
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Another way, albeit a lazy one, to spell the glitchfest that was the videogame, BlackSite: Area 51. It can also be abbreviated into BS, which is, ironically, a common way to abbreviate bullshit on the internet.
"Can you guess what videogame I bought today?"

"I hope it wasn't Blacksite. I play videogames to have fun. And that particular videogame was so bad that it gave me testicular cancer."

"Uh... yeah, I mean, no, I got that Madden."

"Thank goodness."
by Lover_of_Madden September 05, 2011
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