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A phenomenally attractive lady, woman or girl who has a dry sense of humour and has a very strong liking of puns. When in a crowd or group of humans, she can be very stubborn but at the same time a great influence or role model to those around her. When she's with non-human species (Animals) she is very quick to assert her dominance and show who is boss while at the same time being gentle. She is commonly known for being the 'Awkward and adorable' one in a crowd, but not matter what anyone says, they all love her. Luciennes' generally don't like a lot of people, but if you are lucky enough to wiggle into her heart, you are very special to her.
Person 1: Dude, who's that beautiful girl over there laughing at her own joke?

Person 2: It wasn't a joke, it was a pun, idiot. And her name's Lucienne.

Person 3: Ya, that's Lucienne. I've known her for about four years now; she's awesome.

Person 2: I've never met her myself, but she looks so awkward standing there surrounded by all those people. She's so awkwardly adorable!!!!
by Bebsterhenry March 01, 2014
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