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Something unwanted, and is useless or negetive.
Aw maaaan, my buddy parked my car in a handicap parking spot, and now I have a black baby.

Get out of here, you are such a black baby!
by Silas Wolfe April 27, 2006
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A child where at least one of the parents is black.

Logically, due to the advanced evolution of the Black race, women of all races subconsciously have a desire to reproduce with black men (since they are superior). It is this subconscious desire to reproduce with black men that also results in the obsession many white women have with larger penises, since they know (on a subconscious level) that the largest penis will be the one that is most likely to father their children (since it will "scoop-out" any competitorΓ­s semen).
It cracks me up to see white women with black men that label their children as "biracial". Chile, don't you know you have a black man and black men make BLACK BABIES?

If you wanted a "biracial" child you need to date an Asian or a Latino or something like that. Once you lay down with a black man and get up pregnant, you are carrying a Black baby girlfriend!
by sumyungbuck August 10, 2006
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