A cult that praises and celebrates the bitmoji classic style.
"I want to join the bitmoji cult!"
"Its so fun and cute!"
by littandcool February 18, 2021
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People with a Dark Green Bitmoji is 99.9% of the time a very charming and chill person.
But keep in mind, there might be some side effects from hanging out with a “Dark Green Bitmoji” person. Here is a list of the most common side effects:

- Brain Cancer
- Homosexual illness
- Extreme colourblindness
- Rabies
- Smal Dick Syndrome
Sandra: "Hey billy, I saw you hanging out with a Dark Green Bitmoji person. How was it?”
Billy: “Yeah in the beginning it was nice. Until I looked down my pants and saw a 0.1 inched penis”
by You_were_maby_adopted January 23, 2022
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Person who uses this bitmoji selfie is a stoner , a dealer or a weirdo. Or all of that.
I like people with the blue bitmoji selfie.
Did you see that y/n has a Blue bitmoji selfie?
-Yeah, y/n is a typical stoner
by Lottalost June 24, 2020
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omyghod!! did u see my crush's snap?? he got some small purple bitmoji :(
by boo wrath July 23, 2020
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The bitmoji cow boy hat means a lot to a lot of people and if anyone tells you to take it off just take it off or you’ll have bad luck for years.
Only wear the bitmoji cow boy hat if you have the matching overalls.
by Happysow May 18, 2021
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If your named Finn you should definitely never wear this or wear the matching overalls.
Bitmoji cowboy hat should only be used if your wearing the matching overalls.
by Happysow May 18, 2021
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When somebody’s bitmoji looks really hot but they snap you a picture of them and they ugly as hell
Robbie:I’m going to add this person because their bitmoji is really cute!
Layla: *sends a picture of herself to Robbie*
Robbie: omg Layla is bitmoji fishing because her bitmoji is cute but she’s not!
by fruityana_ November 6, 2021
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