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The act of being far too overzealous in the sheer quantity of an individuals romantic pursuits
JiDion was fillying in the latest “20 women vs 1 sidemen” video, by saying yes to far too many women

Filly was the first person to do it hence why it’s called fillying
by You_were_maby_adopted July 3, 2022
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People with a Dark Green Bitmoji is 99.9% of the time a very charming and chill person.
But keep in mind, there might be some side effects from hanging out with a “Dark Green Bitmoji” person. Here is a list of the most common side effects:

- Brain Cancer
- Homosexual illness
- Extreme colourblindness
- Rabies
- Smal Dick Syndrome
Sandra: "Hey billy, I saw you hanging out with a Dark Green Bitmoji person. How was it?”
Billy: “Yeah in the beginning it was nice. Until I looked down my pants and saw a 0.1 inched penis”
by You_were_maby_adopted January 23, 2022
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