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1. Hot mutual friend 2. Hot friend in same room 3. Hot friend who happens to be your girlfriends best friend 4. Hot girl in your bed from the night before. 5. Hot girl who was 3 days away from dating your friend, but fucked you instead, and then you go and hang with your girl friend the next day.
1. Dude! have you talked to biscuit maker lately, she's totally been up on my nuts. 2. I was hanging with biscuit maker last night and, well, we didn't get any sleep. 3. Holy shit man! I was walking through the woods with my girlfriend the other day, and we ran into biscuit maker! It was really fucking awkward, so i punched every bee in the fucking face.
by biscuit maker fucker August 29, 2010
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A strange pose performed by a "Big Fat Ricky" used to attract members of the opposite sex, usually performed whilst intoxicated at a local pub.
"Bro, Bro... did you see Big Fat Ricky pulling the biscuit maker on those girls?"

"Nah man. Did he pull it off?"

"Nope, but it was a damn fine biscuit maker"
by Tron-Funkin-Blow November 02, 2011
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