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The month you were born in. Celebrated starting the actual day of your birth through to the last day of that month. The BirthMonth person gets to pick the choices of food, movies, activities etc. for that month.
Happy BirthMonth to you,
Happy BirthMonth to you,
Happy BirthMonth dear Maizy,
Happy BirthMonth to you!
by Brent T January 31, 2017
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Birthmonth is the very special holiday provided to people born on the 1st of April or the 1st of January (the "Birthmonth Recipient"). Being born on these two particularly crappy days entitles the Birthmonth Recipient to an entire month of Birthmonth celebrations beginning the week leading up to the actual Birthday and ending on the last day of the Month. The April Birthmonth celebration begins on the 24th of March to make up for the shorter, 30 day month of April. Birthmonth is a celebration of Joy and Freedom for all who offer Birthmonth greetings to a Birthmonth Recipient.
My husband was born on April 1st. Birthonth is the happiest time of the year as it brings me so much joy to shower him with gifts for the entire 37 days of Birthmonth!
by SSkizzle McDingleberry May 29, 2018
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The month in which you are born, each day is to be celebrated as if it is your birthday. Birth months only occur if you are Chanel Rhea Udarbe Raquel .
by xxghlasf October 19, 2010
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