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A Birdcage is when a guy's ribs protrude farther than his chest. It is a word that is used to joke around with someone with a small weak chest.
by Richie Boncheck November 24, 2009
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A birdcage is gaggle of lesbians at a party all gathered in one room. The topic of conversation in a birdcage is always why women dominate the world. This is not to be confused with brigade which is a large group of lesbians moving from room to room at a party.
I joined the birdcage at the graduation party to talk about how all of our lesbian friends dominated the top of the class at USC.
by MomMe2 July 08, 2017
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When someone's chest is in lack of muscle. Very skinny person, to the point, you can see his/her ribs.
You need to pump that bird cage you.... You are a weak private and you need to pump that bird cage of yours.
by Spc Lopez July 11, 2010
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A shelf, or part of a shelf, in a supermarket, where reduced goods are displayed.

So called because they are going "cheep cheep"!
Customer Service Assistant: "Madam, you'll find baked beans going cheep for 5c a can, the bird cage"

Customer: "Bird cage?"

CSA: "Because its going cheep cheap!"
by Kerb November 27, 2004
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Term used to describe someone with a protruding sternum and a skeletal body type.

See also:
ashtray; carcass;
What's the matter with you birdcage?
by Brad February 26, 2004
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The birdcage is when a guy has plans to chill with his friends but is then made to feel guilty to hang out with his woman.

Birdcage can also generally be a demanding girlfriend.
"Man, you coming out tonight?"
"Yeah, I'll be there..." --- phone rings---- "GOD DAMN BIRD CAGE!!!!!"

"What's Mike been up to recently?"
"I dunno, since his wings were clipped marriage he's really been birdcaged."
by The Festive Uncle Feaster September 04, 2009
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