Jenkins I do say, it is a swell day for a Bilson!
by Arron James March 10, 2021
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A synonym for the water pipe or "Bong" used to smoke cannabis. Used mainly in Sydney, Australia but also in some parts of Western Sydney and is derived from the Australian slang "Billy", also meaning bong. The word "Bilson" can be used as a noun like "bong" is, or as a proper noun like someone's name is for example.
Noun use: "Dude bring the Bilson over here, I want to get ripped!"
Proper Noun use, enquiring into which smoking method will be used during the night: "Hey man is Bilson coming?" "Nah, I reckon we should use blunts instead man". "Bilson's too hard to make tonight".
by Stef132 October 7, 2011
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A totally hot actress on the O.C. She has a lot of talent and she was also the spokesperson for Bongo. She is dating Adam Brody who also stars on the O.C.
Rachel Bilson looked hot on the O.C. last night.
by cecilia bazurto May 16, 2005
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Is now the only reason that the o.c is watched.. started off as a model now is known for being the loveable Summer Roberts.

Also used as a term as she's so hot i'd do her even though i jerked 18 times today and my dick hurts
Tom:"How was that schick u were with last night?"
Bill:"Rachel Bilson"
Tom:"Enough said"
by Allan S November 21, 2005
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Ridiculously hot actress on the OC and Jumper. Really, Really, Really, Really HOT!!!
Rachel Bilson is so hot in Jumper.
by George Stephenson December 1, 2009
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Slang for a Bong
John:hey Dave wanna fire up Sir Bilson later tonight?
Dave: yeah mate
by kerser September 3, 2009
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