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A burned-out hack of a two-bit actor who smokes both weed and the pole constantly while espousing irrelevant answers during interviews about how small his wang is.
Man, I saw Billy Bob Thornton on that interview last night, and once again, he proceeded to Billy Bob Thornton all over the stage with lots of Billy Bob Thornton answers. What a douche

"I have no penis!" - Bily sic Bob Thornton

"If you wouldn't say it to Tom Petty, you shouldn't say it to me, BILLY BOB THORNTIN sic." - Billy Boob sic Thornton
by Shiggity & Trionna April 23, 2009
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Jerking off, where if you start to bleed, you must continue jerking vigorously.
"If you're wrong, then you're going to have to jerk off Billy Bob Thornton style."
"Oh no."
by crvylooo August 14, 2014
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