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A phrase intended to point out that a speaker's native language probably isn't English.
"I go to store last week and see guy who steal my bike, it make me no happy!"

"English much?"
by Shiggity & Trionna December 15, 2011
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A burned-out hack of a two-bit actor who smokes both weed and the pole constantly while espousing irrelevant answers during interviews about how small his wang is.
Man, I saw Billy Bob Thornton on that interview last night, and once again, he proceeded to Billy Bob Thornton all over the stage with lots of Billy Bob Thornton answers. What a douche

"I have no penis!" - Bily sic Bob Thornton

"If you wouldn't say it to Tom Petty, you shouldn't say it to me, BILLY BOB THORNTIN sic." - Billy Boob sic Thornton
by Shiggity & Trionna April 23, 2009
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What you're about to, after you can't find your keys, and your laptop is in your car, and you don't have enough money to call a locksmith.
"Thomas Beauvais is about ready to 405 rainbow frisbie. I can't find my keys, and my laptop is in the car, and I don't have enough money to call a locksmith."
by Shiggity & Trionna June 9, 2009
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When you either accidentally or deliberately to be ironic type "smile" with your right hand on the wrong keys.

Originated in text-based MUDs in the 90s where users would type commands into the console to "emote."
Example 1.

Person 1: I love you so much, dearest.
Person 2: Sweet! *SNUKE*

Example 2.

"say I just slayed that level 50 dragon!"
You say: I just slayed that level 50 dragon!

"Hrothgar: snuke"
Hrothgar tries to type "smile" but his hands are on the wrong keys!
by Shiggity & Trionna February 29, 2012
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