When 2 adults can gave multiple free sex sessions without guilt, disease or conception. No one is harmed, no one cares and you can do it like 5 times a day if you want....because your an adult....act like it.
I can't wait to have adult sex with Maggie, she doesn't have a boyfriend and just likes having sex w grown ass men. And I don't have to call her....she's coil because she's an adult
by theblackdragon July 07, 2015
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A game that promises to make your balls explode fifty two times in one minute. These games are click bait. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY WILL NOT MAKE YOUR BALLS EXPLODE, BELIEVE ME. They are just a sad excuse to show big tiddied girls with even bigger dicks
Guy 1: hey did you ever click on that adult sex game?

Guy 2: yeah, never been more disappointed in my entire life
Guy 1: why?

Guy 2: man that chick had a bigger dick than mine
by Sweet Satan March 06, 2020
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