someone who has their own orbit and gravitational pull, and likes cheese and pokemon.

favourite phrases of a big lad:

"who left the fridge open?"
"goooood "
"get in the van"
"get to the chopper"
"awww i fucking hate ...(object/phrase)"

a generally sick guy with a few strange habbits

can be identified by its carrot like appearence.

can mysteriously appear at your house and throw a huge whitey at random times in the year. (this happened to me once please follow the link for the full story of the big lad.

"holy shit theres a big lad!"

"i fancy a big lad tonight man!"

"can someone get this big lad out of my fridge"
by A victim of big lad February 17, 2009
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any guy who talks to Hammer
"ah fear thats qualiti big lad d"
by mysteriosgothchick October 29, 2003
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A term used to identify the better known, popular lads in a crew. Such people are frequently referred to as 'legends'.
Barry, what a legend - he's a big name lad.

Who else is coming? Any more big name lads?

by dfhrgjedg February 22, 2009
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