When you 3 million IQ but but still do something super stupid
Karam got rejected 12 times by the same girl, he has a big brain
by The_Ulimate_Noob November 10, 2020
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Where you either have a deep thought or had a smart moment.
Man: when you leave your shirt out, does that mean your tucking your pants into your shirt?
Guy: wow. That's a big brain moment.
by Jonathangg November 01, 2019
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Either your IQ is 100000 And you came up with a really good idea or Your IQ is 1 and you tried to be smart and you failed
Karam:I'm Big Brain

by aRandomNoob7 November 16, 2020
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Means that you’re really smart. If you get called big brain then you’re lucky to have been called so. So now you guys use that brain power!
Person 1: I still can’t figure this out...
Person 2: Wait a sec if I do this... annnd this!

Person 1: NO WAY!!! That was so big brain!
Person 1: Thank you so much, right, let’s go!
by Three-finityBits December 06, 2019
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