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The largest public university in New York State. It's athletic teams play at the NCAA Division I level, and sport red and white colors. Notorious for it's unethical recruiting of top basketball recruit Jesus Shuttlesworth in the late 90s at the insistence of then-governor Pernell.
He Got Game in a nutshell:

What does matter is Governor is a huge, fanatical basketball fan. He played himself- four years, varsity, at Big State. Good, not great, athlete. He's the biggest supporter Big State has.
The governor's made a request that your son, Jesus Shuttlesworth, seriously consider enrolling in his alma mater, Big State.
I want you to go to Big State, son. That's why I'm out here.
Do you know if you're gonna go to Big State?
This right here, it's a letter of intent... for you to sign to go to Big State. Right there. I'll play you, one-on-one. I win, you sign.
This September I will be enrolled at Big State University on a full athletic scholarship.
by John Triton October 29, 2007
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