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A person who mooches off everyone and still lives with his Mom. Can be found in any local bar asking for a free beer, shot, or ride home. Once he cleans you out he will move on to another person who can give him what he is too lazy to obtain himself. Will leave your couch dented, your fridge empty and your house messy. Loves to gossip more than any lady you have ever encountered. Will gossip about people he knows, people you know, or people that do not exist at all. Once he sucks you dry of all your information and money he will move on to the next leaving you wondering " why is there no gas in my car and what is that SMELL?? "
1) Sorry to be a Big Mikey but can I borrow some money?

2) "what happened to your house???"

"Big Mikey"

3) Man that girl lies so much! What a Big Mikey
by DorkyMeg September 29, 2011
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