New York slang for a man that all the girls want and all the men want to kick his ass.
"If I catch that Big Johnny with my woman again he's a dead mofo!"
by La Don October 5, 2006
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A Big Johnny is when a girl is being gang-banged by two men; one penis in her mouth and the other in her vagina. If both men come simultaneously, she then pulls the penises out so that they ejaculate on each other's penises.
I was in a threesome once and we did a Big Johnny. My dick was sticky for three whole days.
by Emmzee March 25, 2008
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An act where you terrorize multiple Jewish homes with that big dick hanging out while fucking the shit out of your uncle and selling children to pedos.
Hey uncle wanna preform Big Dick Johnny

Sure Derick
by Biggestniggerdick March 7, 2021
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When you get a big promotion and become the boss. Sitting in the biggest chair in your office.
I cannot believe you are the boss, must be nice to be Johnny Big Chair.
by Johnny Big Chair May 15, 2014
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