5 definitions by Emmzee

Man, that pussy was great last night! I was so relaxed that I accidentally let off a log drop!
by Emmzee March 25, 2008
A Big Johnny is when a girl is being gang-banged by two men; one penis in her mouth and the other in her vagina. If both men come simultaneously, she then pulls the penises out so that they ejaculate on each other's penises.
I was in a threesome once and we did a Big Johnny. My dick was sticky for three whole days.
by Emmzee March 25, 2008
A morning wake-up call is when a man stands over a sleeping woman while masturbating. Right before he comes, he yells at the girl to wake up so she wakes up to a face full of semen.
"I did a morning wake-up call on my sister yesterday. She wasn't too fond of it."
by Emmzee March 22, 2008
A white chocolate surprise is when a man ejaculates in a woman's anus, licks out a mixture of excrement and semen with his tongue, and deposits it in her vagina whilst eating her out.
"Did you see that video? Max Hardcore does a white chocolate surprise on that bitch."
by Emmzee March 20, 2008
What you call someone who kills you and your entire team in a game of Halo CE.
Man, that guy is a real Emmzee.
Dude, that Emmzee just pwned us all!
by Emmzee August 20, 2005