1.) noun: The title of a young adult novel by author Robert Schark.

2.) noun: An enormous Lowland Gorilla with massive muscles and a gentle heart. The main character of Schark's novel.

3.) noun: An extra large joint or Kingston Cigar.

1.) Big Fred, a YA novel, was written by Robert Schark.

2.) The main character of Big Fred is Big Fred, a Lowland gorilla taken prisoner by evil research scientists.

3.) "Joe and I are going downstairs to 'hang out with Big Fred.'"
by thespecter September 1, 2007
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When you can't tell if one of your homies is gay or not. You always wonder if he is hitting on you or just screwing around.
Dude, I can't tell. Lately he's been seeming like a big fred.
by Remington Steele February 3, 2005
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Its in the name just a guy who has a fat off scull
by jameson tic tac December 9, 2019
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