A very very cringe dc server where the owner is a fuckboy and every girl is simping for him
Do you know the Big Family dc server?

Yeah i hate it's owner, cause he is a fuc boy.
by Dwarf on steroids May 11, 2021
A person who loves there family, does everything for them and makes an effort to actually know them and spend time with family. They prioritize family over friends they believe blood is thicker than water as some would believe water is thicker than blood people big on family would totally disagree.
She's a bad bitch, a cook, a mother and she's big on family.
by Jack The Female April 3, 2021
A group of the coolest motha-fuckers you've ever met
I went to that party last night. There was a big dango family.
by Doktuer March 22, 2017
The immortal "ur" joke. No one can be defeated using this phrase. This is a phrase stronger than Thanos' snap. It can wipe out 75 percent of life on the universe.
person 1: Your mom is big gay and u have bit lgbt.
person 2: *default dancing* ur family big not straight.
person 1: *head implodes*
by xX_rayhole_asseater_69_Xx February 15, 2019