An extrodinary bay colt who has won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and may very well be the first horse since Affirmed to win the Triple Crown. He has a perfect record, winning every race in which he has started by at least 4 3/4 lengths. Big Brown is ridden by Kent Desormeaux, trained by Rick Dutrow, and owned by IEAH Stables and Paul Pompa. He is sired by Boundary and out of Mien.
Big Brown is a great racehorse.
by Financial Sockett May 19, 2008
Term used to describe the unexpected total failure at what was undoubtedly expected to be the finest hour of triumph.
Akin to pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. A total uncompromising evacuation of the bowels immediately prior to coronation.
Dutrow really dropped the big brown on that one.
by snipet June 10, 2008
A b-legit blunt, two blunts rolled end to end. another word for b-la.
pass the b-la, the b legit, the lil brown bananna the big brown
by S. 22nd street October 18, 2006
Maddie : So you had your first anal last night how was it?

Keirsten : It was ok I was a little nervous and I dropped a Big Brown Bomb in Chad's bed but he was cool about it. He just picked it up rubbed it on my face and boobs and licked it off who knew that making love in poop could be so romantic!

Maddie : Wow I wish my man would give me some Stinky Kinky!
by SlopNChop September 24, 2016
Last night I dropped a big ass-bomb, when I flushed it there was bowl graffiti. The art of the Big Brown Crayon!
by Jesterger September 14, 2010
A homicidal bear from a Pico game that sets up a fort in a big blue house from bear in the big blue house, him and his minions hoe-joe ,piss ,poop ,titty and creepo have captured other bears inside too.
Pico shoots Big Brown Bary*
Bary: I think i smell ,DESTRUCTION! *injects heroin*
by BARRELREAPER July 29, 2010