Side bangs that wrap around your whole face.
Jeston: Hey man wasawp!
Beaver: Hey dude, did you get a haircut?
Jeston: Naw man, i just put them to the side.
Beaver: Oh really? 'Cuz they look like Bieber Bangs to me.
by Jukeboxtheone142 March 18, 2010
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Long, side-swept bangs that feather across the forehead from left to right, draping down over the right eye and obstructing the vision. Bieber Bangs are most commonly worn by pubescent and prepubescent boys, who thereafter cock their heads as if weighed down by the girth of these bangs. Most boys develop an immediate tic, whereby they toss their heads in order to keep the Bieber Bangs always flowing to the right. Many adolescent girls find themselves swooning when a boy tosses his Bieber Bangs her way.
"Did you see Tommy this morning? Wow, he looks so hot with his new Bieber Bangs!"

Scientists have discovered that a toss of a boy's Bieber Bangs is like the modern day mating call.
by PurpleTantrum June 23, 2019
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"Bieber Banging" is when a man buys tickets to a Justin Bieber concert to meet young girls. Since those girls can't have Justin Bieber, most likely because he hasn't hit puberty yet, they end up settling for the next best thing: the closest guy. Later the guy ends up banging the girl and never seeing her again, leaving the girl emotionally scared for the rest of her life. "Bieber Banging" may include but is not limited to: 5-6 years prison time for statutory rape, an STD, and/or a little sign in your front yard that tells kids not to go to your house for candy on Halloween.
Guy 1: Dude, I just got done "Bieber Banging" a girl in the back of my car! Do you think I could go to jail?

Guy 2: No way man, that chick was probably 17 1/2.
by BeaverSharkHunter September 16, 2010
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