A Jeston is someone who is always there for you. He has a great personality and is just an amazing person to be around. Jestons are very handsome and can sometimes be annoying...but in a good way. Jeston always make time for his girlfriend and treats her right. If you have a Jeston never let him go.
Jeston treats his girlfriend so right.

Jeston is so handsome
by Lover367 April 28, 2019
A very cute guy, great personality. If u have a relationship with a Jeston, keep it, do not desert it , it will help you.
Jeston is such a nice guy!
by Clepsydra June 2, 2018
A gay man who likes eating orange and plant trees
Jeston likes to have sex
by Cynthia giovanna August 12, 2020
A lovely name for a lovely couple. If your names are Preston and Julia, we all know you have that fiery love. A love that cannot be broken but can be healed when times are rough. This relationship has its ups and downs and even times of denial! But they always find their way back to each other.
Omg Jeston are looking so in love today! I wish I had what they had :/
by gorillagripsith December 14, 2021