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A rare and mysterious name. It can also be said as Vivek. This name means smart yet cunning. Name originated from Nepal (Asia), and they are rather friendly, open, and caring. Though sometimes cruel and teasing, never a backstabber. Bibek's usually have something about them that make them stand out, such as, personality, hair style, accent, or just the way they roll. As the asian type, Bibek's usually fit among many different groups of people and are attracted to girls that are outgoing, yet care for the long run. Other then that, they can be random or an overt.
"Hey what's supp my asian homie Bibek!" (Showing different groups)
"Oh look who is acting like a Bibek today! "
by Zxavier February 02, 2010
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A fucking bitch.A Bibek does not care for others.They are in love with sports.Not people.The Bibek shows love but doesn’t mean it.
Bibek the bitch is here!
by Aquafina_via July 23, 2018
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