According to Hindu mythology, "Bhargav" is the other name of "Shukracharya", who is a teacher of devils in hell.
"Devyani" is a daughter of "Bhargav".
by Bitzur November 28, 2007
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In Indian parlance, Bhargav means a huge ego the size of Mt. Everest, and a serial flirt, but females percieve him to be gay.
Damn Michael stop being a bhargav, the girl does not seem to be enjoying it..
by ulcuncle July 07, 2011
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Bhargav (hebrew and african-american origins) is a vile, colloqual and derogatory term used to describe an individual who displays features (physical and otherwise) of douchebaggery.

Calling someone a bhargav is the ultimate insult, because bhargav's generally tend to be extremely faggy and bitchy and tend to make extraordinarily stupid and lame jokes that are repeated for years on end.
Tom: Hey man, that guy is so gay. He keeps pissing me off!

Dante: Yes, I most certainly do agree. He's giving out some douchebag vibes

Tom: Yes I agree, he's just being a bhargav.
by ipwnu4real October 13, 2011
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1) Person with incredible propensity for throwing a spanner in the works.

2) Also referred to as Danda drawing from the Hindi word for bamboo or stick
3) Person of dark complexion, aerodynamic physique, inexistent profile and human-flight-capability. Such a person is known to refer to his penis as The Dark Knight
a. John: We were having a good game of basketball till Adam came along and took a dump on the ball and then dragged his ass across the court leaving shit-stains all over
Bob: He just did a Bhargav

b. Question: What does Bhargav say when he sees - (i) a female buffalo's ass (ii) a palm tree with a hole in its bark (iii) a black bowling ball?
Answer: "The Dark Knight Rises"
by BartkilledArchimedes August 01, 2012
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