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A Beyonce stan that believes the woman is God. They will defend her at all costs and blindly ignore anything negative about her. When they see a picture of her flashing her vagina they will respond by saying something along the lines of, "Yeah well, so-and-so flashed their vagina loads more times than Bey."

They will also falsely claim that Beyonce has class and elegance and that she DOESN'T use sex to sell records!
That guy just claimed that Beyonce is the Queen of Pop. What a Beytard!

Only a Beytard could believe that Beyonce is talented.

Must you always attack other female singers to try and make Beyonce seem better? Stupid Beytard!
by SayNoToBeytards August 09, 2009
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The most hardcore Beyonce stans in all of humanity. They will defend her at all costs and they will throw a fit if you don't love her.
Tom: Beyonce is the queen of pop, hands down!
Jim: No, r&b, she's the queen of r&b bro.
Bob: Fuck that, she's the queen of music!
Bill: Will you guys stop being such Bey-Tards? That overrated woman ain't the queen of anything except lip-syncing during all her performances and sounding like a 4th grader when she talks.
Tom, Bob and Jim together: I can't believe you! You just insulted our queen! It's the end of the world, how dare you talk bad about our queen! She's the queen of music, now bow down and worship the queen of all queens, Beyonce!
Bill: Fuck yall bey-tards, I've gotta find me some new friends, ones who have better taste in music.
Tom: Bill, you're just a racist! You don't like Beyonce because she's black! You're so afraid of a strong beautiful black woman like our queen!
Bill: Most of my favorite singers are black, so I can't be racist you dumbass. You just can't accept the fact that not everybody is a fan of that boring basic bimbo.
by Icy Wyte December 29, 2017
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