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Beyonfake is the name that represents the so called "Queen", who's beyond fake, Beyonce. Don't become too popular or Beyonce will try to upstage you in every way that she can, even though she'll claim she's happy for your success.
Beyonfake example -

Jennifer Hudson wins an Oscar:

Presenter: And the award for best supporting actress goes to...
Beyonce: (I definitely got this shit) *smiles*
Presenter: Jennifer Hudson, for her role as Effie White, in "Dreamgirls"!
Beyonce: "Congratulations, Jennifer."
J.Hud: Thank you!
Beyonce: (Backstabbing bitch. She knows that was my award. You know what? I'm going to beast on this bitch at the grammys this year, I know that much.)

Willow Smith, Rihanna and Leona Lewis careers take off:

"Rihanna, thinks she's doing something new but I run this MUTHA! You think you're doing something because your boss is Jay z? Well guess what? Bitch, he's my husband!

Who is this Leona Lewis? She think she's classy with her beautiful pop ballads? Yeah okay, I'm going to show her up by singing "Halo". What now!? You tea and crumpets eating, British bitch.

Beyonce: Oh, these bitches think they can upstage the Queen?!?! Willow, guess what? Since you think you're Charlie Sheen, and "winning" with "21st Century girl", I'm going to drop my song "Girls (Who Run The World)."

Destiny's Child:
Beyonce: Kelly, fetch me my water bottle. Michelle, wipe the sweat off of me while I run on the treadmill. C'mon bitches, I'm not letting you be apart of "Beyonce's Child" for nothing! I birthed you BITCHES!
by Youwereexposed April 29, 2011
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