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It's this generations new term for minions or servants.
- who are they?
- oh.... this is chanel #1 & chanel #2 they are my chanels :)
by JAYSONofabitch October 08, 2016

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People who hates Beyoncé call her this usually used by other fan base such as RihannaNavy, Little Monsters, Barbz and Kenz, Swifters, and Beliebers.
Oh, Beyonkey in on the radio last. I couldn't. I had 2 turn it awf!
by JAYSONofabitch September 05, 2016

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It's when a guy gets a boner during spooning with another guys, usually done by two straight guy who's quite close with each and they often spoon, so this is a non-gay activity :)
OMG dude! Did you just get a massive broner while we are spooning?
by JAYSONofabitch February 24, 2016

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