Beyhive (noun) refers to Beyonce's fandom. Members of the Beyhive are usually women and gay men who obsess over Beyonce to no end. They play her music to DEATH, saw the Pink Panther in theaters and worships the ground she steps on in her Louboutins. In many minds of the Beyhive, Beyonce is the second coming of Michael Jackson and her now unborn child is the second coming of Jesus.

Members of the Beyhive will not hesitate to drag fans of other basic bitch Rihanna Lady Gaga Britney Spears etc. and their chief weapon (among others) is Beyonce's performance style, vocals, 4 consecutive #1 albums, box office receipts and grammys (16 and counting).
Members of the Beyhive also refer to Tina Knowles as Mama Tina, have affection for Solange Knowles, is fond of other members of Destiny's Child (so long as they know their place) and think Jay-Z is the sexiest man alive. They can match any Beyonce lyric with the correct song instantly. More aggressive members of the Beyhive are the Killer Beys and will not hesitate to vehemently and violently defend Beyonce's title as Queen of the Universe.
Person 1: Girl what happened to Rihanna's #1 fan Chelsea?

Person 2: Girl she got beside herself and started saying things like Beyonce needs to retire and Rihanna rule the world.

Person 1: Yeah, so?

Person 2: Girl the Beyhive dragged her so far and for so long that she really saying "oh na na, what's my name"
by Anna Boleyn November 21, 2011
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The Beyhive is Beyoncé's fan base. These fans are dedicated to Beyoncé no matter what she does. The Beyhive likes to refer to Beyoncé as their Queen Bey. The Beyhive's enemies are referred to as wasps (Beyoncé haters). Beyhive consists of both fans and stands of the Queeen Bey, and they will stick by her side through thick and thin. The Beyhive also has their own unique vocabulary: beyhydrated (miss Beyoncé), pollen (news on Beyoncé), Beyutiful (the word used when referring to Beyoncé as beautiful), and wasp (Beyoncé haters). Basically, the Beyhive can turn any word into a "Bey" word. The Beyhive is not only Beyoncé's fan base, but they are the best fan base hands down.
That girl at the Beyoncé concert was a Beyhive member.
by mcarr4 April 22, 2013
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Beyhive is the fanbase of Beyoncé aka The Music Industry. Sometimes they are really annoying but Beyoncé is a queen.
Person 1: A Beyhive said something bad about Nicki Minaj. I love Beyoncé but beyhive is annoying AF.
Person 2: Omg! Beyhive is being annoying as always!
by April 18, 2023
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Beyhive, also known as Obeysehive, Haghive, & BeyHIV+, are currently the BIGGEST (🐳) fanbase on stan twitter, they will say anything to desperately defend their decomposing fav, Hagyonce & recently have been on more rampages than usual due to Renaissance tanking.
Bye not the Beyhive throwing a fit cuz Break My Soul just went -27😭”
by creamybardi November 22, 2022
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For a decade, The BeyHive aka Beyoncé's fanbase are the biggest most powerful fanbase ever.
They're dedicated to the Goddess of music, Beyoncé. They will tear anyone who talks smack, down
They really hate conspiracy theorists that make nonsense about their Queen and they won't hesitate to take them down.
Azealia Banks: Omg I think I'm gonna cry! I just got attacked by the BeyHive on Twitter!
Shawn: Oh Frick! I'm doomed! I shouldn't have called Beyoncé overrated! Now they're out to sting me!
by naliyahx October 20, 2020
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BeyHive is Beyoncé’s fanbase that supports every and all acts that she puts out. They are a Hive of supporters (basically a coven) known for defending their Queen Bey whilst remaining respectful towards the other artists they love and enjoy. Don’t get on their bad side, they are ruthless and definitely swears by, “What goes around comes around.”
The BeyHive swarmed in and protected their Queen Bey
by BilliJeanThrillerJackson5 June 23, 2023
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