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The Beta Female is the Alpha Female's right hand woman. A beta will be one of the Apha's closest friendsand one of her most trusted confidants. She knows the Alpha very well perhaps even since childhood. The Beta female will be called upon to voice her opions and her evaluations will most times be valued by the Alpha Female. She also knows when to keep silent and when to talk. She is second in command. A Beta Female will be someone who thinks similarly to the Alpha Female and is unfailingly loyal to her and vice versa. Unfriendly Beta females may be intimadated by the unknown Alpha Female and will either be befriended or create an enemy according to her attitude. A Beta is never an Alpha wannabe, she is comfortable with who she is.
It gets lonely being at the top, and every Alpha Female needs a Beta Female.
by The_Duchess5257 February 10, 2010
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An adult female human who has debilitating low self-esteem. A beta female will imitate the alpha female to an almost pathological extent, leaving one to question whether a beta female has any personality of her own. While she may imitate and follow the alpha female, she harbors significant jealousy and will try to seduce the alpha female's man at unsuspecting moments. Her allegiance to a specific alpha female is as fleeting as an internet joke, and will follow another Queen Bee with the shifting of the winds. She may also use easy sex to acquire social status, and may end up as a trophy wife of an alpha male if she's physically attractive enough. However, alpha males usually regard beta females as either silly or crazy and not worthy of respect, producing a dysfunctional relationship and divorce. Advanced stages of the beta female condition may result in single-motherhood where the beta female is receiving either child support, alimony or welfare checks.
"I thought you should know that I saw Sandy come-on to your man at last night's party. That woman may hang with you, act like you, dress like you, but she is no friend of yours. She's a beta female."
by DrDefinition December 14, 2015
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The female version of a beta male or the fake nice guy:

Often overweight or below average in attractiveness; often poor taste in fashion

Less successful socially or professionally than her alpha peers, spends most of her free time clubbing, hanging out, playing on her smartphone, getting her nails done, etc and if she's a parent she's usually not as good a mom or emotionally invested in her kids.

Often resentful of men out of jealousy at being turned down - thinks that men are pigs who only care about tits and ass (but likes Drake, Usher, Justin Bieber, etc just because they're "hotties").

Resentful of more attractive women and thinks of them as slutty and superficial (similar to the beta males who assume all guys more attractive than them are douchebags.

Sometimes overcompensates for her unattractive qualities by acting more masculine; similar to how Bronies or less manly types of guys shun 'traditional' male roles in favor of more feminine interests due to feeling alienated from their peers.

Beta male. Women only date guys who are jerks, I can't get a girlfriend because I'm too nice!

Beta female. Guys only date women with a big booty and tits. I can't get a boyfriend because I'm too nice!
by Anon989989 October 13, 2016
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A woman who is an alpha female wannabe; a poser. Or someone who sucks up to an alpha female.
Jane is always trying to be just like me. She's such a beta female.
by LaurenP April 27, 2008
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