"Hey I heard Dave is a bitch"
"Yeah he's just some beta bitch, fuck him"
by Alpha as fuck August 15, 2015
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A woman that settles for lesser men. A woman that is willing to interact with simps/betas, usually due to lack of options/self respect and/or peer pressure.
- So you gonna date Penny?
- Nah, she used to screw with Joe and the other simps. She's a beta bitch.
by Gigachad419 June 26, 2022
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Women who think it is a feminist platform to bitch about anyone and everything and do as little as possible.
The Beta Bitch insisted on hiring a cleaning lady and nanny because she was online all day, blogging and tweeting about how suppressed she was.
by ka the wordsmythe January 9, 2018
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That girl you are just fucking around with and testing out your relationship with. The female version of a beta nigga.
How are things going in with Kate?
Just fucking around with her, shes just my beta bitch.
by JASanchez91086 July 22, 2017
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A narcissist who acts overly aggressive and routinely threatens people with physical harm outside of the law.
by newspeak101 September 13, 2020
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A fraternity devoted to jerks and a-holes alike.
No you cant be in Alpha-Beta-Bitch-Dicks your too pussy!
by Nigel aka Vishnu April 9, 2003
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