"Hey I heard Dave is a bitch"
"Yeah he's just some beta bitch, fuck him"
by Alpha as fuck August 15, 2015
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Women who think it is a feminist platform to bitch about anyone and everything and do as little as possible.
The Beta Bitch insisted on hiring a cleaning lady and nanny because she was online all day, blogging and tweeting about how suppressed she was.
by ka the wordsmythe January 9, 2018
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That girl you are just fucking around with and testing out your relationship with. The female version of a beta nigga.
How are things going in with Kate?
Just fucking around with her, shes just my beta bitch.
by JASanchez91086 July 22, 2017
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A fraternity devoted to jerks and a-holes alike.
No you cant be in Alpha-Beta-Bitch-Dicks your too pussy!
by Nigel aka Vishnu April 9, 2003
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A beta cuck bitch is a term for a guy who jerks off all day and hasn't touched a woman in years. He's a beta because he's not alpha. He's a cuck because he gets off on other guys fucking his favorite pornstars. And he's a bitch because he's equivalent to a girl in the eyes of other women.
Brady: Watch me as I try to talk to this woman. Oh wait, nevermind. I'm too scared. I'm going to go back to my mommy's basement and watch porn instead.
Daman: Brady, you're such a beta cuck bitch.
by billybobjoeshit3rd November 30, 2020
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Basically when a insecure pussy talks down to you to feel better about their miserable existence. They often avoid confrontation and front and buckle when confronted.
You see that guy talking shit, but can’t back it?

Yeah, he must suffer from beta male bitch syndrome.
by Joking jester August 5, 2018
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A narcissist who acts overly aggressive and routinely threatens people with physical harm outside of the law.
by newspeak101 September 13, 2020
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