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A word created by a trio consisting of a Mostly-Homo Bisexual Filmmaker, a Bisexual Big-Haired Jew, and a Midget Lesbian with a Lip Ring. It was a portmanteau word created by the Filmmaker in a friendship appreciation card to his best friends. It is an amalgamation of the following words:

The suffix -Ness

It began as "Bestfriendshipness" but evolved to include the MAN after FRIEND because the creator thought it sounded like "Penmanship" which just made the word flow.....
Jenna: "Kaite, you and Doug are my best friends, thank you for showing me unconditional Bestfriendmanshipness."
Kaite: "No problem, I love you best friend! We should bake Bestfriendmanshipness brownies!"
Doug: "Kaite will put weed in the brownies, I vote we just nominate November 10th as Bestfriendmanshipness Day where we all show each other what we mean to one another by participating in a Downtown Orgy."
by Douglas Harvey November 10, 2008
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