the best that is possible
nothing can be better
dude i have the bestestest IDEA!!!!!

really? AWSOME MAN
by theshit December 10, 2004
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Person 1: Wow you're da bestestest

Person 2: Only bestestest? Not bestest?
by TheAllKnowing100 July 7, 2023
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the bestestest word is bestestest because bestestest wil always be the bestestest
chili is bestestest
by September 15, 2020
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Noun. The friend you you can turn to when times are shitty. Your bestestest fwend may hate you for your horrible spelling, but hey, its pretty cute. This friend is more than a best frend; they are you bestestest fwend. It is important to know that there is a difference between a best friend and a bestestest fwend. Your bestestest fwend may hate you at times, but it will always work out, because you guys are bestestest fwends.
Bestestest Fwend #1- So yeah, this girl i like wants to be my only best friend....
Bestestest Fwend #2- Noooooooo! What'd you say?!?
Bestestest Fwend #1- I said ok to her...
Bestestest Fwend #2-(crying)
Bestestest Fwend #1-....i told her that she can be my only best friend. But YOU are my bestestest fwend. There's a difference.
Bestestest Fwend #2- You told her that?

Bestestest Fwend #1- Yeah...
Bestestest Fwend #2- OMG, i love you!
by bestestestfwend1 October 11, 2011
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A word that describes twitter user @KneecapStealerr
Bestestest person alive
by JG04MIMC April 12, 2022
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