The goodest of all the good bois
He's not just a good boi, he's the best boi.
by satansamosas October 23, 2018
The boi that is out of all the bois, the bestest of bois.
Cronk dude: "Who is best boi?"
Swag Lady: "That Jaleel is both fly and is best boi!"
by HumbleAnnoyance May 18, 2017
A role that is lower than God Boi but better than Good Boi. To be a Best Boi, you must be socially akward but friendly. You must also earn B.E.S.T. B.O.I. points to gain the title.
Are you Best Boi?
by It_Not_Yoshi May 29, 2019
The greatest bestest most important boi in the universe!!!!
Todoroki is the one best boi!!!(deku also best boi)
by Boi... Why November 2, 2019
The best boy (usually a kpop and anime term) can be described as the softest and literal best male that you just wanna protect.
Cho seungyoun is best boy, he’s so soft!
by haechanswaifu September 26, 2019
Person 1: Have you seen the latest Jojo episode?

Person 2: yeah, Narancia is best boy
by lilcoochiekami July 2, 2019
The most like male character chosen in an anime or a video game. The male counterpart to best girl.
Person A: Redluma is best boy
Everyone else: Agreed!
by HunnyBunny_017 May 26, 2017