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1. Beg somebody: To ask earnestly or beg somebody to do something.

2. Beg for something: To ask urgently for something.

It's pretty much the same as implore.
1. I beseech you to think again.
2. Beseeching their aid.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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To have begged.
Thy hast beseeched thy family's name and honour.
by Holla Back! January 27, 2003
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A very talented power metal band from Sweden. They recently released a new album, "Sunless Days," featuring songs such as Innerlane, Lost, and Devil's Plaything. Vocalists Erik Molarin and Lotta Höglin are both quite talented, and overall this band deserves way more credit and attention than they currently have.
"Have you heard Lost by Beseech?"
"Yeah. Those Swedes can sing."
"The animated video for Innerlane is interesting."
by Beloviel May 14, 2006
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