When someone has a glin they have a glass chin - they cannot take worded digs/jabs.
1. Geez, Anthony has a serious glin today lads, look out.

2. Stop being such a glin, Ant.

3. Don't bag Ant today guys, he's glinning it hard.
by Chaboii11 April 12, 2017
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Eddy: "Wow, look at that gorgeous woman! She's so flawless! :0"
Jessie: "Ahh yes, that's Glindy. Her beauty is unreal."
Eddy: "...I should go talk to her."
Jessie: "Don't be a fool! You'll only hurt yourself trying."
Eddy: "Welp, it'll be worth it."

-Eddy ends up getting his heart broken-
by TimeItself November 27, 2021
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