Berlin Edmond is a YouTube personality famous for his channel titled ‘Berleezy’ on which he posts funny videos. He is most popular for his "Exposed" series of videos in which he makes fun of characters from television shows. An avid gamer, he also has a channel titled ‘iBerleezy’ specifically for video games. Edmond is one of those talented comedians on the social platform who use unconventional methods to entertain their audiences. His skits and the “Exposed” series of videos are totally hilarious and unique! He uses different approaches to make his viewers laugh as he has a very bizarre sense of humor. He is also a great vlogger. Besides YouTube, he is active on Twitter as well as Instagram. Talking about his personality, Edmond is a funny, frank, and crazy guy who loves doing weird things. Even though he has not shared much about his family members, he sometimes features his mother in his videos.
I subscibed to Berleezy on youtube, because his content is hilarious!!11!11!
by Awesome Mario January 6, 2021
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Relating to sucking at decision based (mostly horror) games.
Did you see the Berleezy Detroit Become Human gameplay? You didn't? Lucky you cause he fucked that shit up real bad. I'm talking Berleezy style bad.
by Henry Krauvich June 23, 2022
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A cool ass nigga who gets all the bitches and shit and is mostly known to be in a box and kills pussy ass niggas and boxes bitch ass pussies
Bitch ass nigga- “who the fuck this pussy ass berleezy in a box

Pussy ass niggas friend - “a boring ass nigga that’s what

Berleezy in a box’s cool ass friend x — he a cool ass nigga who finna eat those cheeks and throw you in a box then fuck yo granny
by XXXTheDevil October 7, 2017
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When you do mediocre at something at first, do very well in the middle, and fuck up as hard as possible in the end.
We would've won that football game by a mile but our QB was pulling a Berleezy and sure enough last minute and we ended up losing 34-25.
by Henry Krauvich June 9, 2022
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