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Ryan Damon (born: November 25, 1995 age 25), better known online as Ryguyrocky, is an American Minecraft and Roblox YouTuber that makes videos about Minecraft such as Minecraft Daycare and Among Us on his main channel and Roblox on his second channel. This unexpectedly got popular and led to many other Minecraft-related videos. His first ever channel on YouTube was named haloman11251995. Another channel was created called Ryguyrocky and since then he has been making consistent Minecraft-related content.
Ryguyrocky just uploaded a new Among Us Mod video!
by Awesome Mario February 26, 2021
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Berlin Edmond is a YouTube personality famous for his channel titled ‘Berleezy’ on which he posts funny videos. He is most popular for his "Exposed" series of videos in which he makes fun of characters from television shows. An avid gamer, he also has a channel titled ‘iBerleezy’ specifically for video games. Edmond is one of those talented comedians on the social platform who use unconventional methods to entertain their audiences. His skits and the “Exposed” series of videos are totally hilarious and unique! He uses different approaches to make his viewers laugh as he has a very bizarre sense of humor. He is also a great vlogger. Besides YouTube, he is active on Twitter as well as Instagram. Talking about his personality, Edmond is a funny, frank, and crazy guy who loves doing weird things. Even though he has not shared much about his family members, he sometimes features his mother in his videos.
I subscibed to Berleezy on youtube, because his content is hilarious!!11!11!
by Awesome Mario January 6, 2021
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