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Benneth is someone who is really caring and sweet although he may not seem like it. You have to get to know him to understand that he is a really nice person. Usually has lots of friends and is good with the ladies. Loves to hang out with friends but does not always say how he feels. Benneth is a great guy and girls secretly dig him. A good friend and everyone loves to hang out with him.
Wow look at Benneth! He is so sweet and caring!
by taylorgirl(: June 24, 2009
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Benneth is a guy who tries to suck his own dick. He’s gay and he likes to touch other boys bodies. He’s really ugly and all the boys are pissed off from what he’s doing. He loves to eat pasta and his teeth look like roasted marshmallows. I know, his teeth just got roasted. He owns an Iphone 4s that looks like shit. He also likes catching flies and eats it. He eats his boogers and he suddenly poops them and eats the poop.
Oh look Kevin is becoming a Benneth. We cant stop him anymore.
by I like turtles dumbass December 07, 2017
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