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When you are about to plug a girl, but you are drunk so your johnson is a little soft. You shove it in anyway, but during the first few minutes your johnson looks wrinkly and old. Eventually, you become fully hard and the shaft is smooth and young-looking.
Andrew: After the party I took a girl upstairs and gave her the business. It took me forever to get hard and I couldn't keep her waiting, so I did a little Benjamin Buttoning in her clap trap.
Evan: Sweet!
by Eweezy86 March 07, 2010
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The act of either watching or creating a movie/tv series out of order, or backwards.
Example 1:
Person A: "My friend Tyler won't stop Benjamin-Buttoning the Saw wonder he has no idea what's going on!"

Person B: "He never does anything right..."

Example 2:
Person A: "Did you hear about the 3rd Paranormal Activity? It's supposed to take place before the 2nd one."

Person B: "Yup. Didn't the 2nd one take place before the 1st?"

Person A: "Well, I guess they're Benjamin-Buttoning it."
by weeniehutjunior July 25, 2011
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